RolandøHödarFounder / Label Owner
DJ | Producer | Remixer | ♫♪♫ All Forms of Techno (Techno-House, Big Room, Industrial, Berlin, Ethereal, Broken, Minimal, Dark, HardCore) Deep Tech, Sunrise Specialist, Grungy Chuggy Tech-House, Dirty Breaks, NY Classics ♫♪♫

Labels Signed To: Eggz (CA), Funk’n Deep (LA), Groovant (UK), Irene Records (IT), Minimal Sessions (LA), Format (CHI), Distortus (NL), Black Kat (MIA), Bass Tune Records (BE), Airborne Artists Agency (NL), Amalgm8 (CAN), Fierce Animal (SF), Eternal Drive (CAN), Pet Project (Denver), Friction Free (Denver), T3CHNO POOL (AZ)

AxkanProducer / Live Act
Axkan without question has to be one of the most brilliant rapid rising stars on the American West Coast Techno scene and everyone is just starting catch on. His live sets are perking up ears from all over the country, devastating dancefloors from Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, among others. There are people who make techno, and play techno live, but there are few masters of their machines who know how to put them to effective use when in front of an audience and that’s where Axkan shines.
DKultDJ / Producer
Hailing from Lisbon,DKult is a project from César Silva, since 1998, is known for its other another dimension dark ambiences and pounding hypnotic beats. Influences from names such as: Master G, Oscar Baia, Aruzda, Magillian, Stevie Wilson, A.Paul, just to name a few.
Already with over 200 releases in labels such as Naked Lunch Records, Onh.Cet Records, Kombination Reasearch, Parallel 125, Elektrax, DSR Digital, Bass Tune Records, Aerotek Recordings, for example.
Bass Tune Records Partner of Kurt Larish aka TWIST3D from Belgium and bookings handled by Naked Lunch Agency.

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Eddie Krystal
Eddie KrystalDJ / Producer
Born in Ukraine, raised in Brooklyn, New York, Eddie Krystal was signed to his first label only at the young age of 18 years old. Growing up he was surrounded by music, his father was a guitar player and he himself played piano. Eddie started out as a more electro and progressive house focused producer but in the last few years has switched to the dark side of the underground music scene. He has released tracks with many labels including Beast Factory Records, 303 Lovers Records, Aerotek Recordings and Textro Records to name a few. He has the ability to produce extremely high quality music at a very fast rate and has been known to pump out 3 to 4 tracks a week! Watch out for Eddie Krystal in a club near you!
TunnelProducer / Label Owner
Through darkness, towards the light. [ T U N N E L] is a sound designer, techno artist, and performer. His works have extended their reach through support from Surgeon, Dave Clarke, Forward Strategy Group, and labels [ webuildmachines ], Etichetta Nera, Coum, and Teggno Records. [ T U N N E L ]’s sound is characterized by balancing forward momentum and terse rhythms with sonic abstraction. His music surrounds audiences with sonic landscapes, experiments and discoveries, hybrid form and function, quality over fashion.
Byron Gilliam
Byron GilliamDJ / Producer
Byron Gilliam was first turned on to house music in 1992 when driving wit h his brot her down highway 1 just south of San Francisco Ca. when they stumbled upon what is now known as t he now legendary SF Bay Area “Full Moon Gatherings”. Producing since 2004, his hypnotically driving and dark yet funky sound can be heard throughout the underground scene and in clubs across the globe.Being born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and now residing in Las Vegas has helped shape his sound by having that underground San Francisco style with that big Vegas club appeal. With his weekly 4 hour live Techno radio show called “The Birds Nest”, his seamless DJ style and a brand new hot remix under his belt for the Italy’s Techno Duo Acida Corporation as well as being the A&R guy for his new label REGRESSION “dedicated to the various styles of Techno” under the well known Factory 918… Byron Gilliam is definitely one busy Producer/DJ to keep your eye on, today into tomorrow.